Procrastination — should I be worried about it?

  • Abstract goals
    Goals such as ‘get fit’ and ‘eat more healthy’ are vague and people often won’t stick to them if they’re not clearly defined.
  • Optimistic about the future
    Some people believe that they’ll be able to finish the task later on and hence don’t do the tasks on the day. I often do this and end up with piles of work on Sunday night.
  • Focusing about the future
    Some people will postpone their work as they’re thinking about more attractive and enjoyable activities in the future.
  • Disconnection from future self
    People often put off work without regarding that it will have a negative impact on them in the future.
  • Create a scheduled timetable, making sure that you reinforce your goals for that day.
  • Talk to someone who may have overcome procrastination and is organised
  • Look at the bigger picture, and make sure you make the most of what is possible always.



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A Teen

A Teen

I'm a teen who faces difficult situations every day - and then thinks about how they could've gone better later